Intervention for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Hope For Family and FriendsIntervention is the single most effective technique for families or Friends to use when helping a loved one who is suffering from addiction. Family and Friends suffering from alcoholism and other drug addictions are prone to serious denial about the harmful effects of their behavior on themselves and others. Addiction causes deep emotional pain for both the addicted person and their family and friends: pain that can damage relationships for years or even decades. It occurs when the body and brain have been "re-programmed" by the drug to literally need the substance. If an addicted person does not meet this need, they may experience withdrawal, which can be painful, uncomfortable, and potentially FATAL. Denial is often a warning sign of addiction, YOU may have become frustrated or even ANGRY when all attempts to persuade them that they have a problem have been ignored or denied.

Intervention Can HelpWith our passion, experience and integrity we know that the seemingly impossible and hopeless can become possible and hopeful. With our passion to help those affected by addiction and our experience, we show your loved one alternatives to life which plant the seeds of hope.

We will show you that hope is available for both you and your loved one. Professionalism and integrity are the core values of this company. And passion its driving force to encourage and motivate the alcoholic addict to find a new way of life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Allow us to show you that you no longer have to live this way.....(916) 759-7088.
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